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Avril Dell is a writer and speaker who has over twenty years experience in communication.  She works in all media and handles writing, editing, and media relations for PR firms and corporations.  She’s published over 200 articles in professional journals for industries as diverse as design, architecture, medicine, and marketing.  She was a partner in her own ad agency [Douglas Davis Prosser & Sparks] handling creative and media production, copywriting, and new business.

Avril has worked in sales promotion, fundraising, and event planning – and after studying music for 15 years, performed for several seasons as an orchestral percussionist and pianist.  She’s a speaker, speechwriter, and seminar leader, teaching customer service, public relations, personal motivation, and presentation skills.  For pleasure, she does voice-over work.

Avril's experience covers everything from business development to account management for a couple of fast food giants.  [McDonald’s and Wendy’s.]   Avril lived and worked in the U.S. where, as Creative Director for an interactive media group, she worked with Muhammad Ali on his official website.

Visible work includes a large scale public exhibit, The Science of Super Heroes, for which Avril wrote all exhibit text.  The Science of Super Heroes opened in Los Angeles before touring the Ontario Science Center, and other facilities worldwide.

Interests:   Avril jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, twice, and recommends it.   For acts of courage, she has two daughters.

Project experience

° Ad copy:   Print...broadcast...interactive
° Corporate capabilities:   On any product or service, including tech
° Web content:  Research, original copy, editing, SEO
° New business presentations:   Concepting/writing, advising on strategy
° Speeches/presentation scripts:  From profound to entertaining
° Research:  Delving, digging, interviewing, on any topic—self directed
° Branding:  Position...taglines...strategy.
° Magazine articles:   Researched, to length, perfectly proofed, in publication's voice
° Audio scripts:  Narrator, characters, professional or educational
° Press materials:  Releases/media contact
° CD liner notes, artist/performer bios

° Bios/CVs:  Professional prose-style or resume [C.V.] style
° Exhibits:  Concepting...research...copy   [for trade shows or public facilities]
° Treatments for screenplays
* Editing of manuscripts, including novels
° Humo[u]rous prose and poetry:  Custom
° Communications clean-up:  Issues management after an incident, either personal or professional
° Letters of advocacy:   Your point of view, powerfully expressed
° Editing:  Anything whatsoever in the English language, for any purpose
° Presentation skills:  Coaching you or speaking on your organization's behalf
° Private communications:   Letters on sensitive subjects requiring an objective party with wisdom, experience, compassion, and knowledge of human relationships.

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Surprise yourself habitually.

Next steps:

Easy briefing questions 1 2 3 4 5...

1    Whom are you talking to?
How much do you know about your target?— their values, their needs, their fears, their perceptions.

2   What do you want them to know about you?
When you're finished speaking to them, what do you want them to remember about you?

3   What do you want them to think about you?
How do you want to be perceived, and what values do you want between the lines?

4   What do you want them to do?
Pick up the phone?  Make a note?  Talk to a colleague?  Remember a name?  Drive across town to talk to you?

5  What are you offering in return for the action you want?
Experience?  Service?  Respect?  Quality?  Price?  Candor?  Loyalty?  Locations?  Ambience?