in which the writer goes on and on and on about shwingy events she's attended.

Fall 2006:

Cloudy, pissy day.   I'm watching all the bands setting up at a street festival.  Every bloody one is late.  A van parks and starts emitting guys and each one has a different kinda hat on.  Ok, that's better, so far, so good.  I shall let these ones live.

One guy looks like he's a character in an animated movie.   A springy person, body in an S curve, always slightly under compression.   Great face, exaggerated features; so when he grins, the back row still gets the full hi-beams.  Band is Guitar, Guitar, Drums, D.R. on Harp and Vocals.  And Boots.  (Plays Hat, too, at the Juilliard level....)

Has some kinda shamanistic quality, I think.  Really radiates so much more than bourbon-soaked stuff .  Does hardly any shtick to speak of, unless you count literary references and shots at the fake-osphere of media and TV, the digital tit.

He just plays and plays until everything finally slips away and you laff some stupid laff, some whoopy kinda laff, from the relentless inveigling generosity of it.  I mean, how often does intemperate indulgence feel just exactly right?  Yea verily, not often enough.

Great blues is when you come away with a fat belly fulla grins.

Went home from this event, read the reviews about the DR Band.  Thought, Ya, ok, sorta -- but not exactly.

So check the image at left, class:
Look at his nose.  Now that's love!  Let's have some RESPEK, y'all, cuz he's hurtin himself for us!

The voice and the body moves are about the same:  all out, all the time.  Candor over all.  Springy crouch, great huge pirate's grin, (should wear an eyepatch), boot stamping, some kinda personal dance move involving elbow and head, and a voice [his+harp] that makes you wanna ring out his clothes and make soup.  

[As any journalist would be required to observe, for accuracy.]

Whole crowd that afternoon felt tickled.  People who didn't smoke wanted a cigarette.  

The Band in DR Band are tight and wild and smokin and playful and confident.  Each one so solid.

The gig list on the band's site is up to date and if you're on the east side of the continent, you need to check this out.  Regular gigs around Ontario and Quebec.  Regular gigs in Toronto.  Some out west.  Some in Yerp.  Hey, blues organizers all over the world--bring in the David Rotundo Band and YOU will look bloody brilliant.








Brother David winning souls.....
Come on, ladies, unfold those arms!
(You, brown skirt, loosen up!)

Fotos from the DRB web site used with zero permission. Foto credits found there.



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