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According to daughter #1:  Mom, Main Daughter, Spare Daughter
According to daughter #2:  Mom, Beta Daughter, Daughter 1.0
5'2"—Taller —Taller
Dances weird — Cool —Cool

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15 October 2001

In orthodontic news today, Greer Shmeer, age 11.97, had her braces removed at 9:30 a.m. local time, after having worn them for one-quarter of her life.  At the joyous conclusion of three years of avoiding taffy and wearing snacks in her teeth, Shmeer left a Toronto ortho office this morning in the company of her biographer, who had photographed the removal process.

Said Shmeer to waiting reporters, "Wow."  When pressed for details, she added, "Wow."  Making an effort to adjust her enunciation for the increased aerodynamic efficiently in her mouth, Shmeer concluded, "Wow."

After leaving the dental office, Shmeer shopped for sticky candy, gum, and "the perfect pink lipstick." (Revlon "Pink in the Afternoon")   Revlon CEO Jeffrey Nugent was delighted to learn of the selection and speculated that there was a "very good possibility" that a first quarter '02 promotion will be centered around Shmeer's choice.  Tentative campaign tagline: "For lips that have nothing to hide."   Revlon Chairman Ronald Perelman added, "Cindy Crawford had to go, because we received an inside tip that Shmeer's braces were about to come off. Our shareholders are smacking their lips."  Said Director of Corporate Communications, Ashley I. Lash, "Like, I'm so, like, psyched."

Once back in the 'mom-mobile™,' the official vehicle that carried Shmeer along the route to Groucho Senior Public Almost High School, she stared at the passenger-side mirror while eating Turtles™, chewing gum, applying lipstick, and licking her teeth in their sleek, slick, hardware-free condition.  She waved graciously to those lining the route and tossed a Turtles'™ wrapper to one ecstatic fan, causing a brief scuffle that was quickly brought under control with orders to "Chill!" from the RCMP™ security force.



[All cartoons from www.cartoonbank.com]



"I'm just stuck with these people!"
--Greer, age 3, speaking of her family


“Greer's Braces - A Press Release”






















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