MAIKU: Short pomes copywriter toronto

[Maiku = short pomes of as many syllables as I bloody well feel like.]

In defense of me and my Gushy Observational Excess (But briefly.)

No one who brings a tin cup to Niagara
will go away thirsty.

But they may not complain about getting drenched.

Nor may they complain about the crowds.


Obligatory sailing theme

The sailboats in the sunset are turning around
and the light coming through the sails
looks like sun behind a cat's ear.

Mullet Foreplay

Jeezus, you look hot.
Wanna come back to my place?
You as drunk as me?

Glamorously single.

When you live alone
And find a hair in your food
It doesn’t matter.

AAA Messiahs

The towtruck driver
(When he finally arrives)
Looks exactly the way
you knew he would look:

Like mercy itself.

You want to have his children.

Arise, shitbox drivers of the world!

My Aries still runs.
Got two hunnert thou on 'er.
Nuthin wrong with that!

Vignettes from the lives of The Mullet Sisters:

"Just scrape the burnt off.
Ketchup fixes everything.
No one will notice.

"Have you seen my bra?
Can I borrow your good jeans?
Wedding tomorrow."

Big ole honkin perm.
Perfume like air freshener.
Purple sparkly nails.

Two greasy bra straps,
Jeans tangled in the front seat.
She's a woman now.

"He has a nice car.
Other than that, no diffrent.
Good enough, I spose."


     It's all in the punctuation

    The secret of happiness:
    is: To be.
    Happy anyway.




Hearses for the unlived adventures.