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You need a word make-over and you need it now.

You don't do windows and you don't clean up messy prose.

I'm your Intellectual Concierge©.    I'm the reason certain people out there sound great.

For quick turn-around wordwork, on demand, set up a brainfruit account with me. ASK FOR DETAILS HERE:

What are typical brainfruit assignments?

  1. Proof anything for errors before it goes out.
  2. Proof anything for tone before it goes out.
  3. Take any rough draft and polish it.
  4. Create a short, targeted piece of prose on the spot. (an invitation, a thank you letter, a rejection, a special occasion greeting...)
  5. Fix an email that deals with something sensitive or political.
  6. Fix a wording you know is wrong, but don't know why.
  7. Help you with nuance in English, if it's not your first language.
  8. Handle minor, boring, nuisance writing tasks when you have better things to do.

Who are typical brainfruit clients?

  1. Senior executives whose job is making decisions, not fiddling with prose. (You can't run these petty tasks over to Mar-Com, because your MBA over there will react as though you've asked for a coffee, and you know it.)
  2. People who work in a stressful environment and need to outsource for their own sanity, at their discretion.
  3. Executives who are required to reflect  literacy and accuracy, as part of their client service commitment.
  4. Executives whose second-language English is fluent, but who occasionally need guidance on nuance or word usage.
  5. Executives who don't need to reveal what they don't know;  they want a personal word-trainer to tone up their style and ensure they look good at all times.
  6. Creative people who need a second brain, a second set of eyes and ears on their work.
  7. Someone on your team who's brilliant but doesn't communicate well.
  8. You - for your own reasons.   Confidentiality guaranteed.

How does the service work?

Like a phone subscription:

$X equals X hours of word make-over time.   There's an introductory minimum and after you decide whether this is useful to you, you have a regular plan that involves packages of time.

The hourly rate goes down with volume.  You call or email from wherever you are, including other time zones. You can include anyone in your executive circle whom you wish to designate as being on the subscription with you.

Believe it or not, this is why smart people sound so smart;  they find sources quickly and constantly, as a way of life.  So they have a very generous variety of references that are incredibly useful in finding common ground—and finding common ground is the basis of establishing credibility in relationships of every kind.

You couldn't do yourself a bigger favour than to sound the way you know you should--and the way others expect you to sound.



When life hands you lemons, whip up a little hollandaise.

Invite someone interesting.
[ya, that is Muhammad Ali]



brainfruit steps:

Easy 1 2 3 4...

1    What is it? email me the text, if you have a draft.

2   Who is reading it and why?

3   What's the problem?  [sounds clumsy?  sensitive topic?  not sure of wording?  too damn long?]

4   When do you need it back?  one hour?  end of business?  tomorrow morning?

TIP:  Don't say one hour when it's really end of day. Always give true deadline.