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As of June 2010, this site is an archive of past day-work in writing / communications.
Current exclusive focus is event piano work, working in area from Muskoka / Georgian Bay to Toronto / Niagara.

Many thanks to the most wonderful clients for projects and relationships that are a source of pride forever.

Can refer you to excellent writers, with pleasure.

Enjoy the blog pieces archived to the right and comment at will.



Just visualize watching the wireless, cable-less, antenna-less, modem-less, chip-less, password-free, undisencryptable Piano App:  it's an all-analog, real-time, flawless 3D, bio-interface platform in which the user actually sees and hears and can engage in realtime live chat with a pianist

So remarkably life-like, users claim they cannot believe it's not a girl at a piano.

Yes, I teach kids or adults--serious or fun, up to you,  Classical, yes, Conservatory, yes.  Meet once with no obligation. 

For classical, we'll follow the syllabus and prepare for exams and/or festival classes.

For fun, some combo of the following:  I"ll drum [handdrum, small percussion] while you play, you'll drum while i play, we'll do duets, and you'll play a simple tune at end of lesson one. 

First thing is to make music.  Then decide which part of it you can't stand not knowing how to do.  ...!

When you hear something you like, tell me you want to learn that, and I"ll help you, as long as you love every single note.

MUSIC DATES   Special no-practice lessons in music appreciation

Play if and when you feel like it.  Show up not for an assignment or to apologize for not practicing, but to do whatever is the most fun you can have with music on that day.  You can play duets with me, have me accompany you singing, have me sing backups for you, learn to sing backups, play with harmony lines, drum, play piano--up to you. 

NO excuse now for not working up that great tune you've always loved.  You never even have to perform it in front of anyone but me.

Just make the same kind of time you would for a haircut or a movie or a run and release your inner arteeest!

Conscious Listening is also an option: 
listening, discussing, comparing, learning to hear different instruments and parts, acquiring rhythm, acquiring pitch recognition... 

it's your date with music, so just go in and see what happens.


   Memorials, and palliative music [quality of life in final days/hours].  All questions welcome; and we can visit in my home for an experience of the music that eases transitions.  Please request introduction to palliative music, if this is a new concept to you.


DISCLAIMER:  You accept responsibility for your reaction to whatever you're here looking for.


It's the digital age.  And we chimps have lots and lots of toys designed by lions.  Is this wise?


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